Indie Gala Colossus Bundle Launched

The newest Indie Gala bundle gives you Subversion City Generator, Voxel Destruction, 7.62 MM, Talisman Prologue and Darwinia for as little as $1. Spend more than about $6 and get Multiwinia, Defcon, Uplink, Hearts of Iron III, and Demigod. Subversion City Generator and Voxel Destruction are tech demo software, while 7.62 MM looks like a third-person shooter with strategy mixed in and Darwinia is an RTS with a unique visual style. Multiwinia is its successor and gives you more of the same (as its name implies), Defcon is a menu-driven strategy game, as is Uplink, which has a cyberhacking theme. HoI III is a military-themed strategy game with a grand scale, while Demigod combines RTS gameplay with a more action RPG-ish spin.

None of the included games really screen “must-buy”, but if you’re into RTSes or know someone who is, this looks like a great way to spend very little money and get a lot of gaming enjoyment for your dollar. A bonus game and two mystery music albums will unlock in the second week of the bundle’s availability.