The Last of Us Now Arriving on June 14

Originally slated for release on May 7, the game many feel will be one of the PS3’s final A-level releases has been delayed five weeks and will now come out on June 14. While the natural reaction to a delay of a high-profile game is disappointment, since it’s is being done to make the game better and not just able to be released and given a day one patch to fix some issues, it’s far easier to stomach. At the end of the day, I think we can all agree that playing an A -level game in June is better than a B-level one in May, and it wouldn’t do anyone any favors to release this game in a sub-par way. It would taint the game, new IPs in general, Naughty Dog, and the PS3, which is banking on this game to show people that there’s still life in the platform Sony said owners would get ten years of use out of seven years ago.