Dead or Alive 5+ Japanese Trailer Shows Off Exclusive Vita Features

Just over a month away from release, we’ve finally been treated to some extensive Dead or Alive 5+ footage in the form of a Japanese trailer. The trailer, released just minutes ago, touts many of the exclusive features the Vita version of the game brings to the table, including fighting PS3 users online, first-person and portrait mode and the ability to flick, tap and pinch the screen. The new and improved training mode is also showcased and looks as deep as promised. Besides that, plenty of gameplay and cutscenes from the game are shown straight from the hardware and look beautiful as always.

As a bonus, a snapshot of the cheerleader DLC is shown as well, which can be seen along with other DLC costumes just below the video. Dead or Alive 5+ is due out March 19 in North America and a day later in Japan.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 10.42.12 PM