New Shot of the PS4’s Prototype Controller

Yesterday, Destructoid posted a picture showing what appeared to be a Playstation 4 development kit alongside the newly revamped controller prototype. Featuring a built-in speaker, a touchscreen surface, a blue strip on the top and concave analog thumbsticks, the supposed prototype looks promising if Sony is able to refine it a bit more.

Digital Foundry looks to back up the original story as they’ve tweeted a brand new shot of the controller today, this time clearly showing the thickness and possibly a headphone jack on the bottom. Still, nothing has been confirmed, but there’s only five days left before the Playstation Meeting, so be prepared.


  • I still think it’s just a prototype. The real controller will be the first PS3 controller. You know, the silver one shaped like a boomerang.

  • Whoa…news on tv just said 5 days the same time I read it in the article! Had to share.