EA/Zynga Lawsuits Settled Out of Court

Fans of lawsuits will be disappointed to hear that the EA and Zynga countersuits against each other ended with a fizzle. EA had initially filed a copywrite infringement lawsuit against Zynga, claiming that their terrible game The Ville was a clone of EA’s terrible game The Sims Social. Zynga countered with a lawsuit claiming EA was violating anti-trust laws. EA responded back with a suit claiming Zynga was a booger brain, and Zynga responded with another suit claiming “nuh-uh”, forcing EA to counter-counter suit with a claim of “yea-huh times infinity.” It was all very serious.

Unfortunately, apparently EA and Zynga have now settled out of court meaning that two games that no one cares about can now both co-exist together. The companies have released joint statements stating that, “EA and Zynga have resolved their respective claims and have reached a settlement of their litigation in the Northern District of California.” Both companies are also paying for their own court fees, but the rest of the details of the out of court settlement have not been released. Apparently, both suits were “dismissed with prejudice” which means they can never be brought back to the court and not that the judge hurled racial slurs at them as he dismissed their cases.

The saddest news out of this whole thing is that it means Zynga is still allowed to make their terrible stolen games. Because, and let’s not make any mistake about this, Zynga completely stole everything from The Sims Social and steals with the same intensity that most game companies actually put into making good games. Regardless of the details of the settlement, this is still a pretty big win for Zynga because, as Business Insider pointed out, by settling out of court Zynga prevented EA and the court system from being able to expand the very limited scope of the copywrite protection of games. Hopefully someday Zynga accidentally uses a music track they didn’t pay for so the RIAA can sue for a bajillion infinity dollars and the courts will take the case seriously.