Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time $30 at Best Buy and Amazon

Despite being out for less than two weeks, the latest installment in the Sly Cooper series is now down to $30 for the PS3 on both Amazon and Best Buy. The Vita version’s price has dropped to $20 from both BB and Amazon as well, and that version is included with the PS3 version thanks to Cross Buy. While it’s hard to imagine someone owning a Vita and not a PS3, the option to save $10 for that incarnation is available. At $40, the game was already a great value — especially with Cross Buy — but at it’s an absolute must-buy at $30. It’s doubtful that the price will be any lower than this for a while, so take advantage of Best Buy’s weekly sale on it and enjoy. There’s no word on when Amazon’s sale ends, but it will probably be around the time as Best Buy’s, if not a bit before if they run out of stock.