NIS America Releasing Strategy RPG for PSP and Vita Through PSN

NIS America is releasing Idea Factory’s strategy RPG Generation of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection today through the PlayStation Network with the game being released in Europe on March 6.

While developed for the PSP, it will also be compatible with the PS Vita so you can get your hands on it and take it with you wherever you go.

The world, called Hades, is desolate and covered in dark clouds with no signs of life. Claude is on a quest to save his sister Yuri, who has been inflicted with a life-draining disease. Their journey for a cure will take them, in typical RPG fashion, across the world to save it while meeting friends and facing their destiny.

You’ll move your different classes of soldiers across the maps to take advantage of the battlefields. Idea Factory adds a twist to the battle system by implementing precise button-pressing in order to rack up more damage.

With the amount of strategy involved, making it portable is perfect for those long commute times and armchair generals.