Sony Santa Monica Teases Game Reveal at Sony Conference

With just mere hours to go until Sony’s big event, the collective gaming world is either too excited to sleep or tossing and turning in bed with flashes of PS4s and cheap Vitas in their heads. Perhaps no one is more fired up than Sony Santa Monica, who has been tweeting up a storm. While much of it is hyping the conference, one tweet seems to tease at a big reveal tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 12.38.26 AM

While it’s humorous and perhaps a bit sarcastic, it does hint that something announced tomorrow will impact their future positively. As they’re a developer, it in all likelihood means a new game. While the studio has their hands in just about every Sony property, one of the only games they internally develop is God of War. If a new console is indeed revealed tomorrow, could we see a new title in the series announced along with it? Only time will tell.