Announcing that a Final Fantasy Game is in Development Should Never Be Your Big Reveal

Square Enix made an appearance at tonight’s Sony Press Conference to tease, well, a new Final Fantasy. If you’re hoping this sentence will lead to talking about the details, that’s not going to happen. After substantial buildup, Final Fantasy Producer Shinji Hashimoto announced that they are working on a new Final Fantasy title for the PS4. That’s it. No details, no pricing, no name, no teaser images; nothing. Just confirmation that it’s happening.

With the frequent additions to the series, everybody just assumes that there’s a new Final Fantasy game in development; if there’s a new console, they’ll be a new entry in the series. Being brought onto stage to stir excitement for the series and new console needs to consist of more than merely confirming a series’ existence. Even a logo would have sufficed. But saying that *something* might be revealed at E3? A waste of everybody’s time.