Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Demo Now Available on Wii U and 3DS eShops

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is one of the Wii U’s most anticipated releases and now you can play a free demo of it. Newcomers will be able to experience the franchise’s David vs. Goliath-style monster-slaying gameplay, while players of the original Wii version will be able to check out the enhanced visuals and Gamepad controls. The demo takes up 889 MB of space on the system, so Basic system owners should make sure to still have that much available space. Between this and the release of F-Zero, it’s been a more substantial week for Wii U owners than usual, so be sure to charge up your GamePads and enjoy the system’s newest releases — don’t forget to check the download management section to install them.

3DS owners will also be happy to know that a demo for that version of the game is up as well. It takes up 1609 blocks of space on your SD card, so it’s fairly substantial. When the full games are released, 3DS and Wii U owners will actually be able to play against one another – offering up some added replay value for those who own only one version and are concerned about a lack of players online.