Wal-Mart Offers Up 2 360 Games For $30 Bundle

Wal-Mart’s got a pretty good value bundle going on right now. For $30, you can get your choice of two games amidst a fairly broad selection of games. Key games include Batman: AA GOTY Edition, Midway Arcade Origins, Bejeweled 3 With Blitz, Saints Row 2, Saints Row the Third: The Full Pacakge, Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2, and a slew of music-based games. There are a ton of lower-end games that are usually in the $10-$15 range anyway as well. FF fans who missed out on XIII may want to take advantage of this since XIII is quite enjoyable, and SRtT: Full Package is a great value being dropped down to basically $15, while MAO offers up a ton of classics for very little money, and provides a good value for those who didn’t get the Midway Arcade Treasures games on past-gen systems.