ESRB Rates Dead or Alive 5+ Mature for “Exposing Large Amounts of Breasts/Buttocks”

Even though Dead or Alive 5+ is set to release in under a month, it did not have an ESRB rating until today. The rating board have officially slapped a “M for Mature” rating on the game, which is hardly a surprise given that its console predecessor received the same rating. What is hilarious, however, is the rating summary they’ve posted for the game — the content of which is in stark contrast to the tone.

Besides receiving the rating for the violence in the game, the game will carry a Mature rating not only because”Most female fighters are dressed in revealing outfits (large amounts of cleavage); their breasts sometimes jiggle while standing or fighting.”, but because “Some bikini-style costumes (with thin strips of cloth) barely cover fighters’ bodies, exposing large amounts of breasts/buttocks”

So there we have it; if you were holding off on pre-ordering the game to make sure there was more than a “moderate” amount of breasts and buttocks, it’s now safe to slap down a fiver at GameStop.

Thank you, ESRB.