Super Black Bass to Make a Splash on 3DS

Right now, the Vita has got a stranglehold on the handheld fishing game market.  In fact, for some reason, the competitive fishing genre is relatively dead on the 3DS, unless you want to use your Old Rod to go fishing for Magikarp. Luckily for the dozen or so people that love fishing, but have a intense fear of actual water, the 3DS has landed quite the catch. Super Black Bass, the longest running fishing game franchise, is coming to the 3DS courtesy of Rising Star Games. Although to be fair, “longest running fishing franchise” is a lot like “most handsome actor named Gilbert Gottfried” and it’s kind of easy to win a competition where no one else is running.

Still, fans of fishing games are probably in for a treat. Super Black Bass 3D will take full advantage of the capabilities of the 3DS, using both the 3DS motion sensor and gyroscopic features to help you reel in your next catch. The game will look to provide a more serious experience than something like Let’s Fish, and so far I’ve found almost no references to hooking. In addition to some serious line casting action, Super Black Bass 3D will feature multiple game modes, more than 30 types of fish, different environments and conditions like weather and time of day that will alter your fishing experience, and upgradable gear that you can obtain by selling your previous catches. The game has a release date of March 8, so fishing aficionados don’t have much longer to wait.

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