Conan O’Brien Takes on Tomb Raider in the Latest “Clueless Gamer”

Until just a few years ago, seeing talk show hosts play video games was quite horrific. Just look at Jimmy Fallon (or don’t; we wouldn’t blame you), the man who stated he was a huge fan of Uncharted and then proceeded to ask how to move the character. But for Conan O’Brien, one of the few talk show hosts who’s genuinely funny, playing video games has turned into quite the event. Dubbed “Clueless Gamer”, Conan admits he’s not a gamer and doesn’t enjoy them, but still plays through a hot new video game every few months. During tonight’s episode, Conan takes on Tomb Raider.

In the video, Conan mocks the pronunciation of the heroine’s name, wishes her top would slip off, revels in the decision to not make the game first person and becomes heartbroken the many times Lara dies. He even gets to play the game with the limited edition controller. It’s funny, watch it.