Sinestro and Hawkgirl Added to the Injustice: Gods Among Us Roster

NetherRealm Studios has slowly been leaking the roster for their upcoming fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us, torturing us comic fanboys by refusing to reveal the entire cast all at once. Today, two more names were thrown in the mix as both Sinestro and Hawkgirl joined the ever growing list of playable characters. Their inclusion now brings the list up to 18, or Batman plus 17 extraneous characters that aren’t Batman if you want to put those numbers in a way that mean something. Fans of DC comics will probably like how the cast is rounding out, and both Sinestro and Hawkgirl seem like nice additions to an already substantial roster. Still, I have a hard time imaging anyone was really clamoring for either and it is pretty clear we are sort of reaching the bottom rungs of playable characters here. Hawkgirl does make an interesting addition, if for no other reason than her presence makes the inclusion of Hawkman, arguably the more recognizable character, unlikely as he would largely be redundant.

They’ve also released a bit of gameplay footage showcasing both Hawkgirl and Sinestro in action.  The InjusticeGame Youtube account has been running a tournament of sorts to hype people up for the game, and Hawkgirl and Sinestro are included in the final matches of the first round. Sixteen of the playable character were set up in a single elimination style tournament, and after a week of voting some gameplay footage is released showing the winner trouncing the loser and showcasing some of the fighting and special skills of each character. While the results for these two most recent matches have not been determined yet, you can check out the preview video below which has Sinestro fighting off against Superman and Hawkgirl fighting some hipster wearing a Robin Hood costume. Voting continues until Friday, when two new gameplay videos will be released which should reveal the abilities of the two new characters in even further detail. For now, you can check out the hype video to see some snippets of Sinestro and Hawkgirl in action (and watch the host lose her mind and chase around seagulls at the end).

Injustice: Gods Among Us has a release date of April 16 for North America, so pretty soon we won’t have to resort to hypothetical matchups to make our superhero dream fights come true.