Yet Another SHMUP Coming to Xbox 360

Just last week, the region-free, vertical shoot’em up, Ginga Force was released on the 360. Now, hot off its heels comes an announcement from developer Moss, best known for their Raiden series, outlining the development of their forthcoming SHMUP, Caladrius. Although they already possess an excellent track record with Raiden, Moss adds to Caladrius’ luster by recruiting Devil Survivor artist Suzuhito Yasuda for the game’s character designs. On top of that, the guys behind the Valkyria Chronicles and Trauma Center soundtracks will be crafting all the game’s tunes.

If that’s not enough, though, fans can rejoice at the packaging treatment the game will be getting. Much like most vertical shooters on Xbox 360, Caladrius will release as a standalone title as well as a limited edition bundle. In that bundle comes a hardcover art book entitled the Forbidden Spell of Paracelsus, which includes 30 pages of Ysauda’s work, and of course the obligatory soundtrack.

Caladrius will release on April 25 in Japan for either $80, for the standalone game, or $100 for the limited edition. Be sure to check out the goods below.