AMD’s TressFX Makes Lara Croft Even More Beautiful

For you lucky PC gamers out there (like me), and who own a high-end AMD graphics card (also like me), you’ll be happy to know that Tomb Raider will look best on your system. Crystal Dynamics and AMD have teamed up to implement TressFX into the PC version of Tomb Raider. This technology is able to create individual strands of hair on Lara’s head and animate them in contrast to her movements.

This is one side of gaming that we needed to advance as, while hair can look good, there’s a reason why we have so many short-haired protagonists in games. This new technology opens up a slew of possibilities moving forward, especially considering next-generation consoles are running on AMD powered chips.

While AMD/ATI fans have always watched in the back as Nvidia owners took advantage of superior physics capabilities, now they have something to brag about. Take a look at the comparison shots below, along with some standalone images:

TressFX1 TressFX2 TressFX3 TressFX4 TressFX5 TressFX6 TressFX7 TressFX8 TressFX9