Development Has Yet to Start for Xbox 360/PS3 Versions of Watch Dogs

It’s hard to deny that Watch Dogs is looking pretty incredible. After seeing the latest gameplay footage and hearing that it would run on an engine designed specifically for it, it’s clear that it’s a next-gen game. Ubisoft apparently realized that too, as in an interview with Dutch website InsideGamer, CEO Yves Guillemot hinted that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions were an afterthought. Here’s an excerpt in broken English:

At the moment our team is working hard to release the next generation consoles and the PC. Then other teams see how they can bring to the current generation of consoles. Maybe we at E3 two different versions can show.

So it seems that the current-gen versions of Watch Dogs will be the “PS2 Madden 12” version of the game; sure it exists, but just so it can pick up whatever sales it can before gamers inevitably move on to better technology.

Also in the interview, Guillemot states how development is no longer centered around the 360, but now all on PC, saying that they (roughly translated) “now develop for the PC and which translate versions onto consoles like the PlayStation 4.”

The times are a-changin’.