Newegg Sale Hits Nintendo Systems, Offers Wii U Game Savings

Beyond selling older PS3 and 360 stuff for low prices, Newegg’s also got some savings for Nintendo-centric gamers too. On the Wii U side of things, both New SMB U and Nintendo Land are $40 each, while the Wii has Fortune Street at $10 and FlingSmash (sans Wii Motion Plus remote) for $9. DS savings can be had with the stellar Kirby: Mass Attack for $7, which includes Club Nintendo points, and Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir for $9. 3DS owners may be interested in Adventure Time for $21, or perhaps Crosswords Plus for $15. Probably more the former than the latter. Like the PS3 and 360 deals, these expire on Feb. 28, so snatch them up ASAP if any of them interest you.