Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Goes Free-to-Play Today

It’s been rumored for a while, but the PS Blog confirmed that later today, the excellent multiplayer portion of Uncharted 3 will be going free-to-play when the PS Store update goes live later today. Like any F2P game, there’s a bit of a caveat to it — the game is free to play for as long as you want, but XP is only going to reap rewards for you until level 15. After that, your XP will still be tracked, but you won’t be able to unlock bonuses without paying something. Prices haven’t been announced for any of this just yet. If you already own UC 3, you’ll be able to not only play with more people, but get some virtual gifts – including a Naughty Dog paw on your rank icon and a shirt for your custom characters the next time you play the game. There will also be more color options for custom characters, and they’re completely free as well.