Super Black Bass 3D Gets a Trailer and a New Release Date

I guess we’ll start off with the bad news. We had previously reported that Super Black Bass 3D for the 3DS would have a release date of March 8 because that’s what the folks over at Rising Star Games had promised us. I had already marked it down on my calendar as “best day of my life” and requested the day off work so I could be at my local Gamestop for the midnight release party. I untangled my best fishing line, packed all my best fishing lures, and cleaned and ironed my fishing tuxedo. My friends and I had the whole next two days planned out: fishing tournaments, rod and lure comparisons, all night fishing marathons, and whatever else it is that fishing game enthusiasts do when the next big fishing game comes out (cry into their pillow?). AND NOW IT’S ALL RUINED. The release of Super Black Bass 3D has been pushed back a whole month to April 2, and I’m honestly not sure I can wait that long. That’s like an entire lifetime to certain kinds of fish!

The good news is they released a trailer to help soften the crippling blow of the delay. Be warned: the background music in it is a fiendish mixture of elevator music and Ambien and doctors recommend not watching this trailer if you plan to be operating heavy machinery in the near future. We do get to see some actual fishing gameplay in the trailer, though, but it looks like pretty much any other fishing game you’ve ever seen. Let’s focus on the highlights: you can watch fish swim around, cast your lure, compare the benefits of a PVFC or nylon line and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


…oh, sorry about that. Anyway, you can check out the trailer below.