Watch: Mars War Logs: Combat Trailer

It may not have the most unique title, but Mars War Logs is looking to be a fantastic cyberpunk action RPG that pushes the limits of a download-only game. A blend of Total Recall, Dune, The Road Warrior and Blade Runner, we’ve gotten a great sense of its intriguing story in the past few trailers. Now, a new trailer has been released that shows off and explains practically every aspect of combat possible to face the mutants, fanatical survivors and native creatures that inhabit the planet.

The trailer, seen below, details the choice of skills including ranged or melee attacks and furtivity or technomant (allowing energy waves, shields or lightning) arts — each of which can better effect different enemy types. Experience points earned can be distributed in three skill trees, each of which affect a different area of combat. Additionally, items can be scavenged throughout the game that can be crafted to improve equipment.

Mars War Logs is due out in Spring on XBLA, PSN and PC.