Best Buy 2-Day Sale Discounts Games and Some Accessories

Best Buy’s 2-day sale runs from Friday through Saturday and temporarily drops the prices of many things. Some of them good, some not, and some choices are a bit questionable to say the least. Being able to snag major games like Black Ops II and Halo 4 for $40 is always nice. Those with some more to spend may want Dead Space 3 at $50 and those with less may tempted by Sleeping Dogs at $30.  PS3 owners in need of some games and controllers may want to pay attention to the God of War Saga, Infamous Collection, and Twisted Metal game/Dual Shock 3 combos for $48. On the Vita side of things, a card case for the system has been dropped down a whole dollar and 20 cents, while memory cards have been dropped NOTHING. There’s a discount offered for seemingly every kind of Vita-related accessory but the most useful one. 3DS owners may want to snatch up Kingdom Hearts 3D at $23, and avoid the Victorious game for $8.