Natural Selection 2 is 50% Off on Steam Until March 3

With the recent release of the Gorgeous DLC, there’s no better time to get Natural Selection 2. Its normal asking price of $25 has been halved to $12.50 for the regular edition, while the deluxe edition goes from $40 down to $20. If you’ve already got the regular edition, you’re able to upgrade it to the deluxe edition for only $7.50, and if you’d like to send a copy to three friends, you can thanks to the four pack being $37.50. The base game has been heralded as an outstanding merger of RTS and FPS gameplay, and the deluxe edition includes an OST, artbook, an exclusive character skin, and exclusive wallpapers and avatars. If you’re a fan of FPSes, but have craved some more strategy elements, or love RTSes, but wish there was more action, it would appear that NS 2 combines both gameplay elements well to make something fans of each genre can enjoy.