Naughty Dog Believes The Last Of Us Campaign to be their Longest Ever

They say no PR is bad PR, and in the case of The Last of Us, that sentiment seems to ring true. Practically every time we hear anything about The Last of Us, it makes us want the game more. Ever since gameplay premiered at E3 2012 and you could feel the stomping from excited journalists, we knew it would be something special. And infected humans-turned monster that spread fungus on walls? It’s just icing on a disgusting, disgusting cake.

But the same day we witnessed the first episode of the developer series, we also got confirmation that it would feature a lengthy campaign — possibly the lengthiest the studio has ever created. In response to a fan question on the PlayStation Blog, Naughty Dog Community Strategist, Eric Monacelli, stated that “Of course it always depends on how you play the game but the campaign is our longest ever we believe.” Check it out below.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 10.18.39 PM

So not only is The Last of Us shaping up to be one of the last great games of this generation, but also one of the longest. Is this real life; or is this just fantasy?