Poker Smash Trying to Come to PC Via Kickstarter

Remember Poker Smash?  It was an XBLA title from early 2008, later making the jump to iOS.  Now it’s time for a PC version, and developer Void Star Creations just needs a little bit of Kickstarter help to see it to completion.

Poker Smash is basically Tetris Attack with a card theme.  In addition to the usual 3, 4, and 5 of a kinds, you arrange poker hands as quickly as possible.  Each tile has a number and suit, so you can go for straights or flushes as well as a full house, adding a few more options to the usual combo-creating havoc.  Power-ups come in the form of bombs, which can nuke a single tile, as well as bullet-time, for slowing down the inevitable march of tiles to the top of the screen.  The controls are simple and responsive, the tile-matching gameplay has a ton of options for combo creation available at any given time, and the frantic rush to avoid impending doom while trying to see all the possibilities on the board is as maddening as you could hope for.  Poker Smash is one of the good ones, and deserves as much financial loving as a Kickstarter project could hope for.

Don’t believe me?  They’ve got a demo.  Go try it out for yourself, then give the Kickstarter a hug.  With your wallet.