Rotolla Gets Version 1.1 Update

Those who have yet to experience Rotolla are missing out. Not only did we shower it with praise in our review, but it’s $1.99. Yep, for the price of two McDoubles, you could be playing one of the best iOS puzzlers to come around in a while. But if that weren’t enough, hopefully Version 1.1 will be the motivation to finally go through with this hamburger-shattering purchase.

In the first update, released today, there’s now a cap on level 50, optimization to be under 50 MB and the restart touch zone has been modified to avoid interference with the Auto-Lock. Most importantly, though, the drop acceleration zone is now clearly marked and tightened to improve controls — which was the biggest issue with the game.

The update is free for those who already own the game and comes included with those who should right now.