Meloetta is Finally Here

Meloetta, the Melody Pokémon, is now available to download at any participating GameStop store. Pokémaniacs with any fifth generation game will be able to obtain this adorable monster. With this release comes new information regarding its move-set. In the image below are some attacks available at the moment of download, but you can of course teach it different ones. Watch out Foongus, you won’t stand a chance!

Meloetta moves screenshot

Speaking of teaching new moves, taking Meloetta to the café in Castelia City allows it to learn its signature move — Relic Song. After using this newly acquired technique, it will change from Normal/Psychic to Normal/Fighting. This gives its physical powers quite a boost. We’ve also posted a little video to get you more acquainted with this legend. The offer only lasts until March 24, so don’t hesitate. Go catch Meloetta!