RetroN 4 Announced – Brings NES, SNES, Genesis, and GBA Play VIA HDMI

Today, Hyperkin announced that the latest version of their multi-console RetroN line will be unveiled at the Midwest Gaming Classic on March 23. The RetroN 4 will have four cartridge slots and two controller ports for each console. In a huge change from the norm for clone systems that give you S-Video output at most, this one will feature an HDMI input.  The console will let players use games from any region, and have its own Bluetooth pad as well.

Clone consoles have become a popular way for folks to play their original classic games on newer hardware in case their original consoles (cough NES cough) have gone bad, although there have been issues with game compatibility, audio issues, and questionable build quality for some of them. Hyperkin’s known as one of the better makers of these systems, but like with any clone system, it’s best to wait until reviews are out for it and weighing the pros and cons carefully before getting them. At around $80, they’re definitely not minor purchases.