Thief Headed for PC and Next Generation Consoles

Eidos Montreal, best known for their work on Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the multiplayer portion of Tomb Raider, is not only working on the next iteration in the semi-forgotten Thief franchise, but they’re also developing it for next generation consoles. Square Enix made the announcement today along side the Game Informer cover reveal that Thief is currently in development for the PC platform and next-generation consoles (being the Playstation 4 and whatever Microsoft has cooked up next).

Thief will be a reinvention of the franchise, similar to how Human Revolution was to Deus Ex, offering a fresh and exciting new chapter into Garrett’s life. From the short description Square Enix released, it sounds very much like last year’s Dishonored. Thief will be made available presumably next year, but in the mean time, you can check out their official page for… really not much more information. No doubt you can expect more to be revealed at E3 this year.