Xbox Live Deal of the Week Drops Prices on Classic Sega Fighters

The ultimate Xbox Live GoD sale is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some great savings on the Xbox Marketplace. The Gold deal of the week slices the prices off of a ton of fighters and a remade Saturn classic. Nights Into Dreams HD, Kareteka, and VF 5: Final Showdown are all down to 400 MS points, while JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure HD is 800, and Sonic the Fighters, Fighting Vipers, and VF 2 are 160 MS points – a mere $2 for each. Nights, Fighting Vipers, and the VF games are absolute must-buys at their prices, while JoJo’s is a slightly lesser recommendation but still worth owning if you love 2D fighters and have an off-kilter sense of humor.