Blood Bowl Goes Free-to-Play with Star Coach

The tag team of Games Workshop and Cyanide Studio is teaming up for yet another release of the fantasy-laden, football blood bath extravaganza, Blood Bowl. Those familiar with the Blood Bowl IP will be aware that the digital adaptation of the tabletop miniatures game has been something of a success, what with having spawned several games that have appeared on both PC and Xbox 360 over the last few years. (Side note: if you haven’t played a Blood Bowl game yet, you need to stop reading this article right now and get to downloading one of them — they’re amazing.)

Thus, with success under their belt, Cyanide is at it again with a new free-to-play game entitled Blood Bowl: Star Coach. Star Coach is a tactical multiplayer, team-building game ripe with all sorts of fantastical races ripped right from the Warhammer lore. Thus, dwarfs, elves, humans and a whole array of nasty creatures will all be playable in the game when it releases. The object of Star Coach is to create a team and develop offensive and defensive playbooks. From there, players will be challenge others cross-platform, and take to the fields in some no-holds barred, violent football goodness.

At this time, it’s unclear as to how the gameplay will unfold, however, the develop has said that, “matches are resolved by an online server, and a ranking systems designates the best coaches.” They also went on to say, “A ‘Cabalvision’ replay mode allows players to live out the blow-by-blow contest in full 3D!” From the wording, it sounds like the turn-based mechanics found in the other retail titles will be dropped for a more simulation style approach. If this is the case, an emphasis will certainly be placed on team and character development, to ensure one’s roster is up to snuff. Be sure to check out the first batch of screenshots below to get a better understanding of what to expect.

While details are generally scarce right now, Games Workshop and Cyanide Studio have announced that the title will launch in the second quarter of 2013 for PC, Mac and tablets. So that leaves us with only one thing left to say: WAGGHHHH! (That’s a Warhammer reference, fool!)