Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon ‘ScareScrapper’ Multiplayer Mode Detailed

Nintendo released a video today showing off the multiplayer mode of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. Dubbed “ScareScraper”, four modes are included: Hunter, Rush, Polterpup and Surprise. Surprise is a combination of the first three and it and Polterpup are unlockable via single player. Five to an endless amount of floors can be selected and there’s three difficulty levels including Normal, Hard and Expert.

The main three modes play quite differently from each other. The object of Hunter is simply to capture all the ghosts on a floor. If a room on the bottom screen map is black, it means there are ghosts hiding in that room; or, you know, watermelons. In Rush, players must find the exist of the floor in under thirty seconds, with collectible time pieces extending the allotted time. Lastly, in Chase, paw prints of Polterpups are tracked down with the darklight to discover the pups themselves. When the top of the ScareScraper is reached, a Boss must be defeated to clear the mode.

Playable online with up to four players, the modes look like a whole lot of fun and have potential to become a premier multiplayer game on the console. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is due out March 24th at retail or via the Nintendo eShop.