Bundle Stars #4 Fire and Ice Bundle Launched

The Bundle Stars are back with their fourth offering – the Fire and Ice bundle. While some long-time pro wrestling fans may expect it to involve Scott Norton and Ice Train, it doesn’t. Instead, it gives you ten games – eight now, two will unlock later. A shade under $5 gets you Tiny Troopers, Airport Control Simulator, Darkness Within 1 and 2, Adams Venture 1 and 2, Armada 2526, Real Heroes: Firefighter, and the two mystery games. It’s doubtful that any of them will involve Mystery Date, but one never knows – maybe you’ll luck out and get your dream date thanks to this bundle. A little Soul Glo wouldn’t hurt either.

Everything is available as a Windows download, while Tiny Troopers is available on Mac and joins the Adams Venture games by activating on Steam, and everything else activates on Desura. This bundle looks to be an easy recommendation thanks to Tiny Troopers, which looks like a really enjoyable twin stick shooter, and while Real Heroes: Firefighter wasn’t very good on the Wii, the PC version looks a lot better and should theoretically control far better with a twin sticked-pad than it did with the remote/nunchuk setup.