Pandora’s Tower Coming in April, New Trailer Released

The third title in the Operation Rainfall, Wii JRPG trifecta will finally be coming stateside this year. It was just a few short months back that a North American release was announced, and now publisher XSEED is ready to put out some more concrete details. While they didn’t nail down a specific date, they did confirm that the title will be released next month. To supplement this announcement, they’ve also revealed a new trailer which can be seen below.

For those out there who do not know what Pandora’s Tower is all about, let us take a quick moment to fill you in. Pandora’s Tower stars Elena, a young girl who is the victim of a strange and hideous curse that transforms her into a beast of abominable sorts. Determined to find a way to cure her, her friend Aeron delves the mysterious Thirteen Towers, where creatures referred to as “masters” exist, and whose flesh can be consumed by Elena in order to provide her a chance of escaping the dreadful scourge. As one can tell, this is the kind of story that draws heavily upon typical JRPG story elements, mostly notably the bond between friends who make a promise to one another to see their adventure through til the end, no matter the cost. Be on the lookout for a firm release date in the coming weeks.