Console Versions of Hitman: Absolution Drop to $28 on Amazon

Amazon’s got some major savings on today. Beyond the next Walking Dead being under $40, you can get the latest Hitman game for under $30. This price applies to the 360 and PS3 versions, while the PC version’s download is a mere $20. The 360 version appears to be in shorter supply since it’s only a “fulfilled by Amazon” game, and the PS3 version doesn’t have that caveat attached to it. Obviously, the PC download version is quite plentiful, and since the game is optimized for that platform, it’s best to get it there if your computer is fairly powerful. If that describes your setup, then you might want to get the Professional Edition of the game for only $8 more since it comes with an artbook, a documentary on the making of the game, and DLC pack of guns.