GOG Pick 5 Sale Drops Prices by 80%

GOG’s Pick 5 sale lets you pick five games from a list of 20 for an 80% off price cut. Notable games included are Alan Wake, its follow-up episode American Nightmare, Back to the Future: The Game, Tiny and Big: Grandma’s Leftovers, Pid, Puddle, and two Sam and Max games in the form of Beyond Time and Space and Save the World. Unfortunately, you have to pick five games to get the 80% savings, but there are a fair amount out of games included for $2-$3, so finding a filler game isn’t too hard to do. All of the games I mentioned are good, and the Sam and Max and BTTF Game are musts if you love comedy and classic point and click adventures. Anyone in the mood for some 3D platforming with some action thrown in will dig Tiny and Big, while Pid and Puddle provide some fun stuff-shifting physics gameplay. The Alan Wake games are perfect for those seeking a highly-atmospheric and tense in-game world in a third-person shooter.