ThinkGeek Launches ‘Arcadeans’ — Anthropomorphic Arcade Cabinet Plushes

Sure, having an arcade cabinet in your house is impressive and all, but can you sleep with it? The answer should be no. That’s why ThinkGeek has designed and manufactured an adorable anthropomorphic plush version of one dubbed an “Arcadean”. The first in likely a long line of them, Tomo is a red arcade cabinet with stripes and green embroidery resembling a non-copyright infringing version of Space Invaders. A shake sensor and removable soundbox ensures that when you shake him, various arcade noises will be emitted.  The best part? He has a replica power cord sticking out of his behind.

At $12.99, it’s certainly not going to break the bank, so feel free to head over to ThinkGeek and nab yourself a companion.