Free Chasing Aurora Demo Now Available on eShop

Chasing Aurora is one of the Wii U’s most impressive eShop games, and as we said in our review, it’s well worth its cost. Now, that price is half-off until March 21. This brings the price down to $7.50, and if that still doesn’t seem low enough for a blind buy, a demo is now available as well. This demo gives you access to one of the multiplayer game modes — freeze tag, and is playable by up to five players. There’s also a single player option available, and four challenges are available there. The game itself has been improved with a smoother framerate, more challenge for single player gamers, and Wii U Pro controller support – so if you have the game, now’s the time to update it and if you don’t, there’s no better time to try it and buy it if you like it.