HarmoKnight Demo Released on 3DS eShop

If you were blown away by HarmoKnight‘s showing during the Luigi-clad Iwata news update recently, you’ll want to check out the eShop ASAP. If you’ve got over 400 blocks free on your system’s SD card, you’ll be able to download the demo and try out the unique rhythm/platformer hybrid. It allows you to try out some platforming stages where you can both jump and attack in sync with the music to add to the soundtrack and make it different each time you play.

You’re also able to take part in a Space Channel 5-esque memory game in a boss battle against the Buzzook and have nightmares at the game’s startup screen since it involves the Tappy the Bunny (the game’s version of Navi) looking like the creepiest thing in gaming history. The demo seems to give a fairly good indication of what kind of gameplay to expect from the full game when it launches on March 30, so give it a shot if the premise interests you.