Indie Royale Thoughtful Bundle Launched

The ides of March have brought us yet another Indie Royale bundle. The Thoughtful bundle brings together snapshot, Cognition: Episode 2, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Reckless Disregard For Gravity, Fieldrunners, and Snuggle Truck.  These games can be yours for the current minimum of about $5. This price also includes OSTs for Cognition and Fieldrunners. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!

If you spend $3 more, you’ll get the Night Animals album by Bright Primate. Snapshot is an amusing puzzle platformer, while Cognition is a thriller-style adventure game, ARDFG is a crazy base jumping game, Fieldrunners is a must for tower defense gurus, and Snuggle Truck is a strange blend of physics driving and stuffed animals. Snapshot is worth the $5 on its own, but there isn’t the usual assortment of top-shelf games in this bundle, which is a minor disappointment.