Daedalic Entertainment Announces Memoria

Despite breaking out in the North American scene relatively recently, Daedalic Entertainment is still one of the best point-and-click adventure game developers that we’ve seen in quite some time. There’s not necessarily a lack of traditional adventure games out there, but Daedalic is certainly filling a specific void. With Goodbye Deponia, The Night of the Rabbit, and 1954 Alcatraz headed for PC later this year, the Hamburg Germany-based studio has a lot on their plates, but that isn’t stopping them from announcing yet another game.

Set to launch within the third quarter of the year, Memoria is the fourth game Daedalic Entertainment expects to release in 2013. Keeping to their high level of quality, Memoria contains some of the most beautiful artwork you will find in any game, set in a luscious, yet dreary, fantasy setting. This will be a continuation on The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav as players will take the role of Geron and Princess Sadja in exploring the world of Aventuria even further. Expect more details regarding Memoria to be revealed as we near its release in the next six months.