Dead Island Riptide Gameplay Walkthrough

Dead Island Riptide isn’t being released until April, but there is new footage with all kinds of gruesome details. The game picks up shortly after the first one ended; with [SPOILER] the survivors escaping only to wind up back at the island after the rescue party becomes infected as well as getting hit by a powerful monsoon. The video released by developers Deep Silver wastes no time in getting to the zombie killings as the player is on a new type of mission searching for weapons the other survivors could use. After awhile we learn there are other new features such as boats which will definitely make getting around the island a lot safer. There are still some old features like the workbench and waves of zombie attacks. Some raids last well in to the night. This is just one video of many more promised to come soon.

Below is the footage of Creative Producer at Deep Silver, Alex Toplansky, giving us an extended look at the game.