SimCity Sells Over 1 Million Copies in First Two Weeks

EA announced today that SimCity had sold 1.1 million copies in the first two weeks, making this the biggest SimCity launch of all time. 54% of sales came from digital downloads, with 44% exclusively from Origin, setting a record on the service with a peak of 1.3 million users.

“SimCity had a great weekend with sales strong across both North America and Europe, adding to overwhelming demand at launch that has us tracking well beyond expectations for the game,” said Peter Moore, Chief Operating Officer for EA. “SimCity is one of the storied brands in gaming, and Maxis delivered a game re-envisioned and engineered for the online age.”

In the past two weeks, 780 million buildings have been built, 5.7 million cities, 15 million hours in gameplay has been registered and enough road and railroad tracks have been built to circle the globe more than 40,000 times.

Source: DailyFinance