Brand New SNES Game to Come Out Roughly 15 Years Too Late

Hardcare Gamer is proud to be at the forefront of gaming news, reporting on the most recent events and developments so our readers can stay abreast of all the big stories in the world of gaming. So, with that in mind, why don’t we dive right into the big news coming out this week for the Super Nintendo. Don’t worry; there’s no need to run out and check on your Tamagotchi and make sure your computer is Y2K compliant, because you didn’t enter a time warp. The truth isn’t any less weird though, as someone is trying to release a new SNES game on the long dormant console. Eleazar Navarro has started a Kickstarter page for the Super 4 in 1 Multi, which looks to be the first cartridge release the SNES has seen in over 15 years. While the SNES still sees the occasional indie release, these releases are typically only playable on emulators and the benefits of this Kickstarter include a box (!) and instruction manual (!!!).

Without a doubt, this is the biggest and most enticing SNES game to come out this century. It includes four separate games accessible from a starting blue screen, with a possible fifth to be included if they can hit a target of $16,500. The confirmed crop of games are detailed at the end of the post, but they all do manage to capture that retro SNES feel in terms of sound, appearance, and gameplay. You can contribute as little as $1, but if you want to guarantee that you’ll get the 4 in 1 cartridge you’ll have to drop at least $40. If you’re absolutely insane or have a desperate need to get rid of a large sum of cash quickly, you can contribute as much as $2,600 to receive a mini-arcade machine for a group of four games you probably haven’t played and have no idea whether you’ll like or not. Their initial goal was already met, and the insane thing is that one of the backers went with the $2,600 mini-arcade insane-o crazy person package, so we know the overlap between people that love SNES games and have way too much free cash on their hands is at least one person. Still, if you absolutely love the SNES and need to own physical copies of your games, you can get the game, cardboard case, and instruction manual for the more reasonable price of $60.

This looks to be a great deal for collectors of outdated pieces of technology, gaming hipsters, and quasi-Luddites that only have problems with technology post 1995. Now if I could just someone willing to make me a VHS compilation of Arrested Development episodes.

Super 4 in 1 Multicart Games:

Mazezam: A puzzle game where you must move crates, jars, and other objects around to get to the exit. It features 50 stages of increasing difficulty and was also the winner of the 2012 Neo Flash video game competition.

UWOL – Quest for Money: A platforming game originally released on the ZX Spectrum, which we cannot confirm is or ever was a real system. The game is advertised as being “Nintendo hard” and has you traveling through 55 levels to collect coins and avoid monsters.

Skipp and Friends – Unexpected Journey: Like Mazezam, the object in this game is to reach the exit in each level. You have a group of three characters with unique special abilities that you must use to solve a variety of puzzles. The game was first released in 2009 as part of a competition (which it won), but this marks the first console appearance of the title.

N-WARP Daisakusen: Perhaps the most unique and interesting title of the bunch, N-WARP Daisakusasomething is a 2 to 8 person free for all fighting game that looks to make use of the SNES multitap. Like the other titles, this is actually an older game (made in 2008) that is just being ported for the purposes of this project.