Bundle Stars Indie Mashup Bundle Launched

As its title suggests, the mashup bundle combines many genres into one bundle. StarDrone and its OST, Jazz: Trumps Journey, Crash Time 2, Still Life 1 and 2, Chrome, Vigil: Blood Bitterness, and Tank Universal are available for a minimum of $4.95. However, if you’d only like the first two games offered, they can be yours for only $1.25. There will be two mystery games unlocked on Steam, and everything but the first two games activates on Steam. Both Stardrone and Jazz are offered as DRM-free downloads, while StarDrone activates on Desura.


StarDrone is easily worth $5 on its own, while Jazz looks like a fun, highly-stylized platformer. Crash Time II looks like a fun Burnout-inspired racer, while the Still Life games look like enjoyable horror-adventure games, Chrome appears to be a fairly standard FPS, Vigil is a largely black and white platformer heavy on style and atmosphere that appears to be worth the $5 asking price on its own, and Tank Universal is a first person tank shooter with a Tron-inspired visual design. This is one of the better-looking bundles in a while, and there should be at least one game here that makes it worth $5 for anyone.