Daedalic Entertainment is Creating a Strategy RPG

No, Daedalic Entertainment isn’t moving away from their adventure game roots, but they are branching off into different genres. The point-and-click indie developer has announced today that they’re hard at work in bringing a new experience to PC players in the form of a strategy RPG. Titled Blackguards, this dark fantasy adventure will feature over 40 hours of gameplay within the all too familiar Aventuria setting (if you know The Dark Eye franchise).

This isn’t the first German developer to venture into the genre as last year, SideQuest Studios also moved from shmup games to SRPGs with Rainbow Moon (and soon with Rainbow Skies). Regardless, if the company can retain their beautiful artistry in creating dreary fantasy settings, there’s no doubt this will be something special. Blackguards is scheduled to be released sometime in the third quarter of the year.