GamersGate Sells Just Cause Collection For $10

If you’ve missed out on the Just Cause games until now, but love the idea of doing a whole bunch of crazy stuff in a sandbox game, then GG’s deal on the Just Cause Collection is for you. This sale brings together both games, guides, and all DLC for a mere $10 – or you can get everything except the guide for 75% off, making the first game $3.24 and the second $3.74. The $10 deal is the best overall savings though since the guide is $10 even with this sale going on, and JC 2 on its own doesn’t come with the DLC included. The first game is largely completely eclipsed by the second, but still worth playing just to see where the series got started. JC 2 is a super-fun sandbox game with a heavy emphasis on jumping out of or off of many things, and is probably the most thrilling sandbox game out there.