Groupees Build a Bundle 5 Launched

The fifth Build a Bundle is now available and lets you choose what games out of the ten total you’d like to buy, with the price increasing bit by bit with each game added. The games available here include Storm in a Teacup, Manunter, Marvin’s Mittens, Dawnstar, Nethergate: Resurrection, Spellforce – Platinum Edition, Lume, Dawning, and the first two Oddworld games: Abe’s Oddysee and Exodus. A minimum of two games must be purchased at a minimum, and the Oddworld games count as just one since they’re bundled together, you could get those and Lume for only $1.50. The minimum cost for every game included is $5.25, but it’s nice to be able to chip away at that if there are some you already have. A variety of music and game bonuses are included, like the Ancient Astronauts Collection, the Kabanjak collection, the album Two from Origininator, and a video for “Rumble”.