Blizzard Reveals Warcraft Card Game, Shows Off Trailer and Gameplay

Blizzard certainly hoodwinked us with this one! After the famed studio teased a big announcement for PAX, fanboys were on the edge of their seat with excitement. Expecting something of epic proportions to come out of the announcement, many might be disappointed with what actually was revealed. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a free-to-play collectible card game that makes use of the World of Warcraft universe. It will reportedly allow folks to play as one of the many classes WoW has to offer (such as Shaman, Rogue, Warlock, etc.), collect cards and then battle their friends online through Word on the street is cards can be earned in-game or bought for about a dollar. There is also a crafting mechanic that enables players to “disenchant” unwanted cards to receive Arcane Dust, which they can use to craft a card they actually desire. It should be noted that the game is being developed by a small team within Blizzard, reportedly only about 15 developers large.

So while it’s not exactly the announcement many were hoping for, or even expecting, Hearthstone still sounds pretty neat for the CCG-nuts out there. As of now, the game will go into beta this summer, and then launch sometime later this year. It has been confirmed for PC, Mac and iPad. Check out the trailer and gameplay video below.